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Silk spray


The silk 10 in 1 spray intensive hair treatment offers 10 benefits. Ideal for all types of hair: fine, dry, bleached, curly and porous. Allow your hair to be to be repaired, voluminous. luminous and easy to manage. Nourish and protect your hair during or after heat styling. Provides instant shine without leaving any oily residue. 

10 multi benefits:

-repairs dry and damaged hair

-eliminates frizz 

-heat protection 

-provides smooth silky shiny hair

-extends the hair colour with UVA & USB filters

-incredible detangling 

-long-lasting hair style 

-enhances natural hair

-prevents split ends 

-easier styling

Directions: shake well before use. Apply to the hair before blow drying and during flat ironing. Do not rinse.

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